Change Your Dreambox Password With DCC

How to change your password using Dreambox Control Centre

click on telnet then you get a black screen
type on the screen login

dreambox if default

then type passwd

then it will give you the option to type a new password be careful because you do not see any letters come on the screen type the password then hit return and retype it again, then you will see password changed.

if you see the bad password: too weak. ignore it and retype the same as you did first.

1. Start DCC and ensure your network is ok and you have green lines to your router and Dreambox.

2. Click on the Telnet Tab.

3. At the prompt type passwd and click enter.

4. Ignore what it states about password length and enter a new password. Any length. Please note the cursor will not move and you will not see what you type, Then press enter.

5. Job Done.

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