MultiCS Ubuntu Auto Install

Automated MultiCS r72 Install - Ubuntu 11.10, 12.xx, 13.04 x32/x64
Automated MultiCS r72 r77 r81 Install - Ubuntu 11.10, 12.xx, 13.04 x32/x64

MultiCS is already a very simple & user friendly install but here is a quick script to automate the x32/x64 selection, Install MultiCS & setup MultiCS to start on boot

Tested & Working on:

Ubuntu Server 11.10 amd64 & x32
Ubuntu Server 12.xx amd64 & x32
Ubuntu Server 13.04 amd.64
(I am sure it would work on older releases also if repositories are updated, I did not have time to test with 9,10 & 11.04)

2012-09-15 MultiCS Install.rar

Extract the contents of MultiCS Install.rar
ftp multics.r72 folder & to /tmp folder on your server

Log into your server as root user with putty or similar ssh client
chmod the Script with this command
chmod 755 /tmp/
Run the Script with these commands
cd /tmp
When the script finished you will have MultiCS Installed & Running
You can check your MultiCS Webif page by typing your server ip & MultiCS webif port no. (192.168.*.*:5500) in the address bar of your browser.
Username: admin
Password: admin

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