How to install OSCam on Debian and Ubuntu

1) Prepair for compile with installing new needed packs:
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sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libpcsclite-dev
sudo apt-get install mercurial cvs subversion libncurses-dev
sudo apt-get install cmake
2) Oscam compile:

2.1 Download OSCam
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cd /usr/src
sudo svn co oscam
svn checkout oscam-svn
2.2 Compile OSCam

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cd oscam
sudo cmake -DWEBIF=1 -DPCSC=1
sudo make
2.3 Copy OSCam Compiled file
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sudo cp oscam /usr/local/bin
3) Unused oscam compile directory delete:
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cd ..
sudo rm -rf oscam
4) Setting oscam to correct attribute:
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cd /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod 755 oscam
5) Oscam automatic startup with bootup

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nano /etc/rc.local
add next line before the "exit0" line, /usr/local/bin/oscam -b -r2

in server edition type 
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sudo pico /etc/rc.local
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