How to: Install CSP MySQL User Manager

Install CSP

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-Running Version of CSP (Server side)
-CSP Proxy XML
-Download attached
-General Linux SSH terminal knowledge

Firstly we have to install phpMyAdmin and MySQL onto your server, 

 sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin
sudo apt-get install mysql-server
Make sure all passwords are the same when installing to make it easier to configure and a better database sync.
Once passwords are set you may be prompted to Retry, Cancel, Continue. Select the number which refers to continue if the same error message appears then refer to Skip.

Now into installing the CSP tables for the database into MySQL
Using your FTP Program go to /var/lib/mysql/mysql/ . Copy the contents of SQL in the attached file to this directory.

Now to install the tables run 

mysql -u root -p PASSWORD -h localhost mysql < /var/lib/mysql/mysql/cmumdb.sql
Replace PASSWORD with the password you set when installing MySQL

That's SQL side installed, and DONE Now onto the Web Interface side

Go to /var/www/ and create a folder called CSP 

cd /var/www
 mkdir csp
Login to your prefer FTP program again and go into the server and locate the folder which has just been created /var/www/csp
Copy over the content in WWW in the attached .zip file.

Locate examples.config.php
Copy and paste the following 

$dbhost = ""; 
$dbname = "mysql"; 
$dbuser = "root"; 
$dbpass = "PASSWORD"; < this is the password you used to set myadmin and mysql 
$charset = "utf-8"; 
Rename this file to config.php

Go to csp/genxml/ and open genxml.php
Edit the top of the file to the following 

 $dbhost = ""; 
$dbname = "mysql"; 
$dbuser = "root"; 
$dbpass = "PASSWORD"; < this is the password you used to set myadmin and mysql 
$charset = "utf-8";
Using PASSWORD as the one set when installing MySQL.

Go to your browser and put your server IP or DNS/csp

CSP should open if not you've done something wrong. So go through the guide again. But without installing SQL

Default Authentication 

 user = admin 
pass = password

Linking To CSP
Login to your server using your FTP program

Go to your CSP config Installation directory which is usr/local/csp/config and Edit proxy.xml

Replace this the default user manager
With this 

<user-manager allow-on-failure="false" log-failures="true">
<user-source name="tnt">
<user-file-url>YOUR GENXML DIRECTORY(EXAMPLE:</user-file-url>
Thanks and Enjoy 

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